Coinbase Wallet : Ultimate guidance for accessing your Coinbase wallet

Where the crypto industry is climbing the charts, stems from the fact that people are getting fascinated to invest in cryptocurrencies. There is a saying that “a penny saved is a penny earned”, so, savings earned by investing in cryptocurrencies are all in the rage nowadays.

If you are into the crypto realm, you might have heard about Coinbase- A crypto trading exchange which comes with a feature named Coinbase wallet and allows its users to store and move their funds.

Well! Heading up to our core topic of this blog post- How to recover access to Coinbase wallet? If you are also not able to access your wallet account, come along with us and get a good-to-go solution.

Way to recover access to Coinbase Wallet

It is possible to have this issue due to multiple reasons, so we will figure out the solution for all of them one by one. Let’s begin it from the get-go.

Try this, if you don’t have access to Coinbase wallet pin

In this case, sign out from your pro.Coinbase.com login wallet account first and then import it again using the secret recovery phrase. All you have to do is:

Note- If you are not able to sign out, you can try it after reinstalling the Coinbase wallet app.

What if you are having biometric verification issues?

You may get this error if you have recently changed your fingerprint for verification on your device. So, in case, your updated credentials are no longer working, you have to reimport your wallet. Just navigate through the enlisted steps to reimport the wallet.

  1. Open your Coinbase wallet.
  2. Pick up the option “I already have a wallet”.
  3. Then choose “Restore with recovery phrase” and if you don’t have your recovery phrase, you have to create a new pro Coinbase wallet account.


Coinbase wallet is an amazing feature of Coinbase, it is a non-custodial wallet but users have access to manage their funds after receiving them. Millions of individuals are trusting this platform to store and trade currencies.

Well, sometimes you may get in trouble while using Coinbase, so, I have driven the solution for a pretty common concern of Coinbase users. Wrapping it up with a recommendation that if you are still having any such issues you can navigate to metamask sign in help center available on the official website, and you will definitely get the solution to your query there.

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